As always, Nedida is absolutely correct in her deductions and her solutions to problems due to unbased hatred towards Israel from Islamists be they Palestinian or other Arab cultures that have a historical hatred of the Jewish people based on nothing else or more than they are Jews, the people of The Book


Controversial news have been buzzing recently about the not-so-newest, but certainly on-the-news revelations that according to the recent survey at least 40% of Jewish Israeli women opt to be in a Jewish-only delivery ward. The survey was conducted following the uneasy feeling that was left by the comment of the Israeli MP Betzalel Smotrich, who said that “it is natural that [his] wife would not want to lie next to someone whose baby son may want to murder [his] son”. The wife reportedly confessed that “it’s not pleasant for [her] to lie next to Arab women”.

As one even with a smidgen of imagination can conclude, the case has been rapidly picked up by pro-Palestinian organisations, as to prove without any shadow of a doubt that Israel is an apartheid state, which separates the nation into two camps.

If one decides to look at the statistics from the perspective of…

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