This may be hard to believe but I actually do feel very sorry for all conspiracy theorists weather political conspiracy or scientific conspiracy believers. They really are blind and I don’t think the are blind by choice, although I will grant that I may be wrong. I believe they are to be pitied rather than laughed at. But this does not, in the least, mean they should not be responded to, with the truth

Sputnik's Orbit has moved to

I try to be tolerant and understanding of other people’s positions, but moon-hoax conspiracists really get my dander up. I mean….I mean…no, we’ll come back to that.
My recent post, Yes virginia we really did land on the moon has been very popular, and prompted someone on Quora to asked what are the best pieces of evidence that the moon landings were faked. Well, there are none. No, really. None at all. There are only assertions made by people who have absolutely. No. Clue:
  • No stars in pictures (camera stopped down for lunar surface )
  • Flags waving (held by wire)
  • Apollo 11 flag “billowing ” (it was curled from long storage)
  • No blast crater under the LEM (early engine cutoff was to prevent cratering)
  • Dust around the lander. Or something.
  • Non-parallel shadows. (The moon has terrain)
  • Seemingly identical backgrounds. (when kilometers away)
  • Lander unable to balance itself on…

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