Through the Shattered Lens

Alien Diplomacy

Dan dos Santos is one of the top illustrators in the fantasy and science fiction field.  You can see more of his work here.

Alien In The FamilyBlack Blade BluesDopplegangsterHoneyed WordsHunting Groundpeter and maxShivasCrownStalking the UnicornThe Wild SideTouched By An AlienWhite-Trash-Zombie-Apocalypse-Diana-Rowland-1

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Source: Artist Profile: Howard V. Brown (1878 — 1945)

Through the Shattered Lens

Educated at the Chicago Art Institute, illustrator Howard V. Brown is considered, along with Leo Morey, Frank R. Paul, and H.W. Wesson, to be one of the big four science fiction illustrators of the 1930s.  Over the course of his long and prolific career, Brown did covers for such magazines as Scientific American, Astounding Stories, and Thrilling Wonders.  His work continues to inspire science fiction illustrators to this day.


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Source: Tisha be’Av: “Cleaning for Meshiach & Baking a Cake”

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Source: Why IQ is Genetic



This Shabbat we start reading the Book of Exodus (Sefer Shemot) in the Synagogues.

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